Sunday, April 7, 2013

More delicious food

We have spent the last two days traveling with a friend who is very interested in food. This means that we have been eating amazing foods that we would never have had the opportunity to try otherwise. It has been incredible!

Soba noodles eaten at Enryaku-ji (, Osakan okonomiyaki, takoyaki eaten "Osaka style" with dashi soup instead of sauce and mayonnaise, delicious sashimi and some truly delicious sake.


KirkK said...

Ooooh I wipe the drool of my chin!

Lynnea said...

Ha! =D right! it is matthew's favorite! well, it's between okonomiyaki and takoyaki. I have to say, this was so so good and so different from what we have in the states but I still love my totally unauthentic(is that possible with okonomiyaki?) homemade version best :)