Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Hello Kitty paper punch and a teeny garden update

I recently bought a Hello Kitty paper punch. I've used it once to Hello Kittyify stationary that I used to write a letter to a friend but other than that, I haven't had much chance to use it for anything. I have grand visions of using it to making cute decorations for Valentine's Day; we'll see if I ever get around to such an ambitious project. Also, I am hoping it will work on nori because it would be fun to make a Hello Kitty bento box or to send Matthew to work with Hello Kitty faces on his Onigiri(I'm sure he just can hardly wait).

The bottom of the paper punch has a small door that keeps the little paper bits contained. It makes it easier to collect them to use in decorating.

Also, just open the door to remove any stuck pieces of paper that can clog up the paper punch.

Hello Kitty cut-outs on Hello Kitty Sticky notes. I think it's appropriate and in no way going over board =)

Since the Hello Kitty paper punch doesn't make for the most exciting post, I thought I'd pad it out with an update on my teeny, tiny, sad garden.

The Basil has sprouted up beautifully. I guess the little "water me" spoon is working better than I expected.

The micro greens are not so micro, they have grown too big and must now be referred to as mini greens. As I was waiting for more of them to shoot up, and to therefore be useful in a salad, these little guys got out of hand. Now I suspect they will be very tough.

Maybe my little garden isn't quite as sad as it has been in the past. Of course, most of the seeds did not sprout but I'll just focus on the fact that a few of them did manage to show their shining faces.

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