Monday, August 8, 2011

If you ever feel too nerdy...just follow me to Comic-Con

So, on Sunday(July 24th), the last day of Comic-Con, Matthew and I were able to attend Comic-Con. We didn't pay for the tickets but they were very sweetly made available to us and we happily went to see what all the commotion was about. Every year we sort of shake our heads and think "wow, what a fuss. I wonder if it's fun?" This year we were able to take a few hours out of our weekend to see exactly what the fuss was about and to see that it is actually pretty fun. Maybe next year we'll even pay for our own tickets, at least for one day; more than one day might be too much!

We didn't take a lot of photos, since much of the time we didn't have breathing room and taking our camera out to pose for a photo was out of the question, it was just that crowded, but we did get a few fun pictures. Here they are:

Matthew standing next to some cute little yellow fellow.

A much larger version of the little ice bat that Matthew and I have sitting on our shelf.*

This was probably my favorite costume, just because it was so fun and adorable.

I know these funny looking guns aren't really my style but the names were just so funny. I hope the darling little, overly enthusiastic Australian fellow who was telling us all about these guns and the company didn't mind my uncontrollable giggling.

And those are about all the photos we got. Maybe next year we'll get a few more!

*I just realized that I never posted photos of the little ice bat and so will post a few photos of him in a post directly following this one, since he's adorable!!


Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

Lynnea, I know I deprived you of TV growing up, but do you mean to tell me you actually do not know who the cute little yellow fellow is?

Lynnea said...

hee, hee, I know who Pikachu is but there are other equally as famous cultural things that I'm not familiar with and Matthew is always amazed at my lack of pop culture knowledge =)

Runner Girl said...

Bart and I found ourselves in the exact same situation this year! I was gifted with some comp tickets, and we spent a few hours seeing what all the fuss was about on the Saturday of the conference. In one word: amazing! A little nuts, a lot hilarious.

We are also willing to buy a one day pass next year if life does not see fit to gift us with passes again.


Lynnea said...

hi julie! yours is the best description i've seen, "a little nuts, a lot hilarious" i love it!! gotta love the free tickets but i agree with you, only pay for a one day pass next year, the full weekend would be too much.