Monday, August 8, 2011

Little Ice Bat

We found this little fellow at an adorable children's toy store in McMinnville, Oregon while we were there to attend my cousin's wedding (back in 2007). As soon as we got into our hotel room in Portland, he decided to take a little nap. He's pretty cute all snuggled up in a giant bed, and he insisted he needed all that room to get a good rest; we believed him.


Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

Little ice bat looks a little bit scared. I'm guessing, ice bats don't sleep hanging up side down like other bats?

KirkK said...

Hi Lynnea - The little fellow actually looks a bit scarey to me! ;o)

Lynnea said...

Hi Mother! Ice bat was freshly purchased when this photo was taken and so he was just getting used to his surroundings. Yes, he really does prefer to snuggle, in a giant bed with extra pillows, of course.

Hi Kirk, He and his kind(Ugli Dolls) take a lot of getting used to. I wasn't too convinced for the longest time but really they can be pretty silly.