Sunday, June 27, 2010

mini strawberries and funny little radish flowers

Bentos aren't the only cute things around here. Today, we went to the Farmer's Market and I bought some outrageously expensive strawberries. Matthew thinks I'm crazy for buying them but they looked just like the magnificent and heavenly little strawberries that we use to bring in to Farmer's Market(the natural grocery store I used to work at, not to be confused with A Farmer's Market) for a couple of short weeks in June. We used to have people sign up for waiting lists and such, just so that they could buy flats of the sweet creatures.

Turns out, these strawberries are very, very good, although not quite as good as the ones I remember from Oregon(but then, as a true Oregonian, I think everything is better in Oregon).

So, now my only question: what do I do with them? Eat them straight? or turn them into something magnificent? my "magnificent something" could turn into a real flop, but eating them just straight seems like a very expensive snack.

In other news, my radish seeds sprouted two very sad little creatures and one incredible, giant radish "tree" that has since flowered. It isn't often that I see such a magnificent radish flower and so, I took a picture.

It really is lovely!

Please Note: I apologize for all the strawberry photos looking the same. As it turns out, the particular strawberry that I selected for photographing was not the best looking strawberry in the basket. It really only had one attractive side, hence, all the photos of the exact same side/angle. Next time I'll make my selections more carefully, and possibly (but not likely) be less lazy about going back inside to find a better specimen. At least he was the tastiest strawberry =)


KirkK said...

Hey Lynnea - Have you been to the Mission Hills Farmer's Market? Sungrown has a booth.... and they've got tone of really cute micro greens - just the kind of stuff you love!

Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

Hopefully, I can find some yummy, local, Oregon strawberries while you are home and I'll make some wee strawberry tarts with whipped cream I get from the top of the whole, unpasterized, unhomogenized milk I buy from a local farmer. Yes, its true, about 1/3 of the milk is thick cream.

Lynnea said...

Kirk! I didn't know about the new farmer's market until i read about it on your blog. I'm excited about checking it out =) Thanks.

Lynnea said...

Mama! I promise, I'll love everything even more simply for the fact that I'm home :)