Thursday, November 26, 2009

adorable, little, thanksgiving owls

With the increased popularity of owls over the past year, almost to the point of saturation, I've acquired dozens of little specimens. They are all incredibly cute and impossible to resist. Many of them are gifts and then others are purchased by guilty little me. Guilty, because I am spending a fortune on these unnecessary, but fun, little owl creatures.

A recent Birthday gift from my employers included a wee nest of Japanese-made cloth owls. They found this itty bitty owl family at a lovely store in New York and brought it back for me to enjoy. How lucky, lucky, lucky I am!

The little family all snug in their nest

Baby owl all alone in the nest.
Did mother and father owl go look for food?

Baby owl, out looking for his parents.
Oh dear! Baby owl, don't get lost!

Now, mother owl says, "stay in the nest!"

Just last week, I took a trip to my local hardware store and spotted a sweet little owl mug. Despite my cupboard overflowing with mugs, I brought him home. When I finally pulled it out to use it for my tea, I noticed a startling resemblance between the mug and the little paper clay owl that Matthew had just created the week before.

Hmmm...we suspect that they may have been separated at birth, although one is clearly the runt of the nest.

All-in-all, I'm thoroughly enjoying all these sweet little owls.

And Before I Forget, Happy Thanksgiving!


Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

I will have to sing the "5 Wise Old Owls Up in a Tree" song when you come home for Christmas. I suppose you don't have any problems with mice in your apartment with all those birds of prey roosting in your living room.

Lynnea said...

oh, yes, i've never heard this little owl song before. How fun. And, as a matter of fact we do have terrible problems with mice because the owls prefer snuggling and eating chocolate to catching mice.