Saturday, November 14, 2009

Belgian fruit candies

While shopping for Chocolates in Brussels, Matthew came across these charming little fruit gels; he was so taken with them that we bought an entire bag to bring home. They are absolutely delicious, but, as expected, extremely sweet, almost unbearably so.

The sugary coating on these precious little fruits gives them such a sparkly, elegant look. I just couldn't resist photographing them on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

I started so late in the afternoon that I really didn't have enough time to take many good photos before the sun went behind the building, but out of the fifty or sixty photos that I did take, I was able to find a few that I liked.

Not sure why, but I really liked this little pear photo. It wasn't the best one out of the bunch but it just caught my eye.

We still haven't eaten the fruits, so I could still take the time to try again for some better photos. Perhaps when I'm feeling ambitious on one of these cool, fall, Sunday afternoons.


Matthew said...

They're exactly what I always imagined when I was a kid and heard the word "sugarplums". And there's even a plum, too!

Lynnea said...

=) just in time for the sugarplum season! yum!

Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

Do they all have a different and distinct fruit taste? I think they are beautiful and think they would be the perfect decoration to a Christmas desert. Hint, hint.

Lynnea said...

yes, they do taste like the fruit they are and I've been having similar thoughts about using them to decorate a christmas table, but we'll have to see what the official owner of these little fruits has to say about the matter.