Friday, April 24, 2009

My new mini colander

The itty bitty pink colander pictured in this post is the latest addition to my kitchen. It was the "basket" for an Easter basket from my employers. They have me nailed, as far as my taste goes, this tiny colander is the perfect shade of pink and with such cute little handles, I couldn't love a colander more.

I find it rather amusing that I have just finally added a pink colander to my kitchen collection, since I've wanted one for years. In fact, my yearning for such a little creature was the impetus for getting the job I have now. I remember, during our first two months in San Diego, passing by the pink, enameled, metal ones at Whole Foods and wishing so much that I could buy one. I had really started to run out of money, since I hadn't been working for three months and there was just no way I could make that sort of splurge. So, I grabbed the first fun looking job that I saw. Although I could have bought dozens of small pink colanders over the past three years, I always thought perhaps it was too silly a purchase, especially since I already have four colanders in my cupboard. Well, I was wrong. This little baby is the ideal size for most straining and draining tasks. Now I know why I wanted one so desperately and even got a job so that I could buy one.

And, just for cuteness' sake!
Three, almost identical but ever so slightly different, bunny-in-the-colander poses.


Ray n Clare said...

I'm in love with it too!
Do you hang it on your wall when it's not in use so that it gets to show off?
Your employers sure do have you figured out.

Lynnea said...

I don't hang it on the wall, but that's just because it's so hard to put screws into the plaster walls. But, it is in almost constant use, 'cause it's so cute! =)

Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

Are there other kitchen items you have been longing for over the years but have used restraint in buying? Things a mother might get for a daughter, when the occasion presents itself?

Lynnea said...

=) actually, believe it or not, a cute, possibly pink, oven mitt. mine is in terrible shape. I burn myself every time I use it. Why, are you thinking of getting me a present? I should be buying you a present for mother's day!!