Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baby lettuces

They absolutely Had to be picked. The ultra high heat of the past few days had just clinched their little fate. Of course, my baby lettuce plants had begun their decline about a week or two ago but I was holding back picking them until today, silly of me, but I was hoping they'd make a come back.

They made a tasty little salad.

Being baby lettuces, naturally they needed to be placed in a baby colander (my new, pink, baby colander, which will be shown in more, various "poses" in a further post).

The wee radish sprouts were also a nice addition to our dinner salad and desperately needed to be thinned from their crowded pot.


Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

The baby lettuces look quite healthy and fresh. My lettuce sprouts are very crowded as you can see on my blog, but they are too tiny to even eat. I am going to try and distribute them. The weather has cooled down and rain is falling so it would be a good time. Do you have some lettuce left for growing into adulthood?

Lynnea said...

Actually, I pulled up all my lettuces. I might plant some seeds to see if I can get some more lovely little baby lettuces.