Thursday, March 22, 2012

tiny pink strawberry hat

I, not-so-recently, crocheted this little pink hat for my friend's tiny new baby girl. I had some fuzzy pink yarn that needed to be used up and I thought it would just make the cutest hat ever!

I added the strawberries for a little extra cuteness and to keep the hat from looking too plain. The strawberries are actually removable. I had originally thought to just make felt pins out of the strawberries, but was worried about a baby wearing a potentially sharp object like a pin, so I put buttons on the back of the strawberries and then buttoned them into the hat. The stitch holes in this hat were just the right size for the smallish buttons that I used and I figure that if the buttons get caught in baby's hair then they can be easily removed without the potential to poke her, like a pin back would(but hopefully they won't get caught and will be perfectly comfortable!).

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