Saturday, February 25, 2012

jiggly little jelly

Don't worry, this little jelly fish won't sting, in fact, he's much more interested in cuddling.

This little fellow is the result of my first attempt at making a jelly fish and I am quite happy with how he turned out. His tentacles are, perhaps, sewn on a bit precariously and so I wouldn't give him away to a small child, but I'm sure my next jelly fish attempt will be perfectly giftable.

I actually love the two-toned tentacle look, which wasn't part of the pattern. I was worried about running out of cream yarn and so figured a little aqua accenting his look wouldn't go amiss. I honestly think he looks better than he would have with all matching tentacles.

The only problem with making these cute little creatures is that once I've made them it's impossible to give them away. They are way too cute with their big round eyes; I just can't part with them. The other reason they tend to stick around our house is that first attempts at a pattern tend to be somewhat experimental and they never seem quite polished enough to give away as a present. I'm sure that with practice I'll feel more confident with a new pattern, but for now Matthew and I are amassing quite a pile of little cuties. It's kinda cute, if a bit silly =)

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