Monday, January 9, 2012

Images of a happy Christmas

Below are a few Images from my cheerful Christmas. Yes, I actually did enjoy Christmas this year! So weird, I know!

Mistletoe reflecting in a silver dish. Sadly, this bunch of mistletoe wasn't hanging in a doorway, therefore, no cheerful Christmas kiss. Maybe next year!

A basket of Christmas crackers. So much fun from such a small and silly toy.

A delicious, juicy pear crostata - My Grandmother and I baked it together. It reminded me of all the amazing things she taught me when we would make cookies, pies and cakes together when I was a child.

The Little disapproving owl - I found him on the window sill and he made my entire day better. I couldn't find him anywhere a few days later; I guess he just came for a Christmas day visit. A much more preferable visitor than Santa (in my opinion).


KirkK said...

Very cute Lynnea! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday season.

Christy said...

So cute! I'm glad you were cheerful. I miss you! Let's get together soon!

Lynnea said...

Hi Kirk! We did! Thank you for reading! :)

Hey Christy! We missed you and need to hang out soon! My only warning would be that I have Matthew on a mostly veggies and fish with a sprinkling of chicken diet for the month of January. His new plan is to eat out with friends every single night so as to circumvent the terrible, meatless meals we've been eating :)

Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

Maybe the Christmas cheer was contagious this year. I enjoy the holiday, too. I welcomed it and didn't get stressed. Main reason I enjoyed it so much is that I didn't get stressed out about what to get people for gifts. I kept it very simple and resisted the urge to over think and over spend on gifts. That left all the good stuff to enjoy.

Lynnea said...

yay! I'm glad it was happy for everybody :) I did the same thing, simple gifts that weren't supposed to be important but were just fun!