Tuesday, January 31, 2012

fancy little fellow

I've always loved the idea of peek-a-boo mugs, those mugs with funny little creatures at the bottom who suddenly become apparent as you drink down the coffee/tea/cocoa/other hot beverage. They are so charming, yet, at the same time, a little bit startling(which can be thrilling to those of us who are rather faint of heart).

So, for Christmas, my sweet friend Christy read my little heart's dearest desire and gave me a beautiful white mug with a fancy little owl fellow who sits deep inside the basin and peeks up at me as I drink my tea. He is rather hard to photograph since he is the same white at the mug, but I have been enjoying his company at tea time so very much lately that I just had to post a few photos. I love him so!


Christy said...

He is so handsome and friendly! I'm glad you like! xo

Lynnea said...

he's totally the best!!! =) thanks for giving him to me.