Tuesday, September 13, 2011

my new light box

Sweet, sweet Matthew wanted to buy me a light box for our anniversary but due to the exorbitant cost for what really amounted to a bit of white material and some bright lamps, we decided to put one together as a happy anniversary project, instead of buying one.

We found a plain, white box at Ikea and used a couple of old desk lamps and one new lamp(the green one) from target with an extra bright flood light. It's all a bit slap-dashed together and could catch on fire at any moment! the flood light gets frighteningly hot, but so far the photos from our first testing have come out alright. We'll probably make some further adjustments, but for the time being I'm fairly happy with it and am looking forward to taking photos for the blog with the light box as back drop.

My hope is that the light box will help my photos turn out better during the dark winter months. With more and better photos, I'll have more to blog about. After all, nobody wants to see a grainy photo of a cupcake lurking in the yellow shadows of the tiny hovel that Matthew and I call home =)

The Grass is a cute backdrop, but as I mentioned above, adjustments will need to be made. The grass curls up on the sides because it is too wide for the box, perhaps some extra large scissors will be enlisted to correct the problem.

A Big thanks to The tiramisu custard, decorated with Daim candy bar shards and Ikea biscuits, for modeling the new light box for this post!! It was our anniversary treat!


Ray n Clare said...

So cool!

Jessica said...

I made mine with vellum paper and a cardboard box. It help diffuse the light while letting some come through. I find it really works well outside if you want to skip the fire hazard of the flood lights!

Lynnea said...

I once tried to make one out of a cardboard box and old tee shirts but probably vellum would be better. of course, it has to be collapsible for me.