Tuesday, September 13, 2011

free flowers

At The Shop we have planters in front of the store window, three with ivy topiaries growing in them and one with a tall, slender ficus tree struggling to survive. People tend to sit on the Ficus planter and leave various things in the dirt surrounding the tree's trunk; here are examples of items I find in the planters regularly: cigarettes, gum, toothpicks, coffee cups, straws, jewelry, candy and candy wrappers.

But, one day last week was my lucky day; instead of something disgusting, I found a lovely bouquet of flowers in the planter. They were still in the plastic wrapping but starting to wilt due to the unusually hot day(well, unusual for San Diego). After leaving them in the planter for several hours, I finally decided they needed a little drink so I put them in water and took them inside. They really perked up and once I took them home, and put them in a proper vase, they have proven to be a truly gorgeous arrangement of flowers.

For the first time ever I was delighted at what someone left in the planter!

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