Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a funny little loaf of bread

Today, I finally managed to bake a darling little loaf of bread from my new bread book - my first loaf out of this book and, without a doubt, my most successful loaf of bread ever baked. I've made various breads before but this one was really, truly worth all the effort or, to be honest, lack of effort. It was so very easy.

I did take a few before-baking pictures, just in case the bread didn't turn out or was simply unphotogenic. (Turns out, my fears were a touch silly, but it's always best to be prepared.)

Fortunately, the lil' guy turned out all right, if a bit lopsided. But lopsidedness never changes the fabulous flavor. This freshly baked bread really did taste delicious with our borscht.

And, because the photos on this particular blog post are fairly dull and colorless, I'll include some extremely bright and cheerful Bonus photos of my green papaya salad from the Vietnamese Tet festival, which Matthew and I attended a couple weeks ago.

What a tasty and pretty little treat! yum!


Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

I think the reason your bread turned out lopsided is because you forgot to put slashes in the top after rising and before baking. The slashes are not just for decoration. They help the bread to not explode when bake, thus resulting in a beautiful loaf. Try it.

Lynnea said...

well, I did put slashes in the top but they were very shallow. I didn't want to ruin it with big deep ones. Turns out, those are necessary for proper baking. Thanks mom! :) I love having a mom who knows about stuff :)

Jessica said...

Okay, now I want to read the book... and the granola is RIDICULOUS. I have been eating it like a starving woman.

Lynnea said...

hey Jessica,

you'd love this book. and today i just made a rye loaf to go with the lentil soup i made. it was yummery