Sunday, November 28, 2010

pommies on a shoe...

...because, why not? It seems that's the questions with this year's fashion(or perhaps every year's fashions). Why not cover a boot entirely in thick fur? why not cover items in pom poms? My main problem here is that I'm a total sucker for Pom Poms, just like everybody else. So, as part of my birthday clothes shopping in Tokyo I did pick up a pair of really cheap pom pom shoes. They are so crazily silly and It took several tries before I talked myself into buying them.

Anyway, I totally adore them and really can't wear them because I fall down in even the tiniest of heels and since I work standing on my feet all day they really aren't practical for everyday wear. At least I can play dress-up with them.

Horizontal stripes make my feet look fat. Japan, on the other hand, made my everything look fat =)

Japan, at least with really cheap shoes, seems to have four basic sizes, S, M, L and LL. I seem to wear a M very tightly and an L rather loosely. They don't seem to have the best fit for my feet. that's why I didn't bother with looking for shoes that I would wear all the time, maybe next time. For the time being, I'll just scoot around in my slightly too big Ls feeling very much like I did when I used to find high heels in the Free Box and think they were the best treasure in the world.


Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

These shoes and your socks remind me of something from the Land of Oz. Something a very small person would wear as they skip around singing "in the merry old land of Oz."

Lynnea said...

Oh! oh! i'm a small person and I often skip around singing strange songs =)