Saturday, September 19, 2009

You'd see these things in Brussels!

Tonight I'm just posting on a few of the things I've seen everywhere, all the time, during the past two days.

While this sign is not posted everywhere, the idea it represents is seen everywhere. Puppies use any old spot along their walk and we've been lucky so far to avoid their little treasures, but one sad fellow was not so lucky this evening. We saw him make that fateful step but really, what can be done but to shrug it off and think, "at least it wasn't me." And besides, we don't speak French so how could we warn him?

The city is full to the brim with tiny cars. Lots and lots of cars. Most are actually very new and rather shiny. This little Fiat looks much older than most of the cars we've seen but it is still very shiny. Maybe it rains a lot here or perhaps the Belgians just like their cars to look nice.

The first thing we noticed while taking the metro from the airport to the train station was the amount of graffitti on any available surface. I guess people like to express themselves here. Matthew and I like graffitti so find it interesting. I think perhaps they don't worry about painting over it or washing it off and honestly, it seems that eventually each piece of graffitti will be painted over by another graffitti artists and eventually everybody with have their say in the end. It looks pretty in an urban way.

This little mannequin with a mini dress shirt(look at the size compared to the electrical plug) is not used everywhere but I thought it was cute and it does seem to represent how seriously the people here seem to take fashion and clothing. They all dress smartly but with their own very personal style. Nobody looks cardboard cutout to me, probably because I'm not used to the local fashion trends but really, nobody appears hemmed in by what is normal or seems proper. I like it! I wouldn't feel out of place in my giant striped stockings.


Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

Interesting! Though I can't say I am inclined to visit Brussels from the sample of impressions you've shared. It's no wonder the Flemings left for the islands.

Lynnea said...

Well, think it may have been a bit different back then but probably still very busy. Brussels is a no nonsense kind of place.