Friday, September 25, 2009

Tea and Scones in Edinburgh

Well, despite what everybody says is proper, we didn't have Tea in London. We waited to have Tea in Edinburgh and even then it wasn't full tea, just cream tea. Yummy though!

I thought it was all very picturesque with very nice lighting so I took more photos of the tea and scone than of anything other one thing in Edinburgh. How boringly obsessed I am with food.

And of course, we seem to have found the perfect place for me to live if I ever move to Edinburgh. It would have to be in the Cutie House; it's full of cute things. Actually, this was a little shop with window displays crammed full of cute things and wouldn't be a proper residence at all. Fun to pretend though!

And I'll actually post obvious evidence of our being in Edinburgh, Matthew in front of the very old cannon last used in the 15oo's because it took three days and 100 men to move it from place to place.

By the way, Edinburgh is beautiful and fantastic. We'll miss it and hope to revisit this old and amazing city some day.


Clare said...

I really enjoyed it too. It plays up to its part so to speak. It 'feels' like Edinurgh.
Did you take pictures of the Cutie House?
Keep having fun!

Lynnea said...

so true!

I just took the one photo of the cutie house. it was closed by the time we walked by. I'd actually been distracted by another incredibly cute shop just a couple doors up from cutie house.

Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

How perfect to find a shop custom made for you on your trip to Edinburgh. I hope you got to go inside. Have you found any cute things to bring home?

Lynnea said...

Hi Mother,

yes, i'm bringing Tons of cute things home. way more than I can carry.