Monday, January 12, 2009

More Christmas pictures

So, this holiday trip home felt like one of the best holidays we've had in a long time. We just had more opportunities to hang out with our families and do the sorts of things we all did when we were younger and remember so fondly.

For some reason, this ornament made me laugh more this year than it usually does.

Our familes enjoyed these British Christmas Crackers after dinner. They made this Christmas dinner the most fun in my recent memory.

The first Christmas decorations I've put up in years. And actually, I bought them but made Matthew put them up. The point is, I actually wanted to decorate for Christmas, which is highly unlike me.

Toby: The cutest Christmas elf!

A wintery bench.

The snow was a real treat and made Christmas feel one hundred percent like Christmas, for the first time in years.

Pictured above and below is one of the contestants of the Snowman competition which spontaneously erupted at our
Day after Christmas bonfire. Notice the orange glow of the bonfire on his face.

This lavender-in-snow pincushion really made me chuckle. It looks very silly.

And, apparently the Hawthorne tree fascinated me because I took far more photos of it than necessary. But the pictures came out so pretty. I couldn't resist.

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