Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Photos from The New Year

Here are a few photos taken during the first week of January.

Freshly collected eggs

Home made pizza for New Year's eve.

Trends take a while to reach Southern Oregon. And when they do, they are usually way too late to even be considered part of the trend. These cupcakes come from a darling little Frenchish bakery. My mother knows the owner and couldn't stop raving about their buttercream frosting. Unfortunately, none of the Cupcakes they served the weekend after new years were buttercream frosted. But that didn't stop these from being some of the tastiest cupcakes I've purchased.

Such a cute logo on the cupcake box. Too bad the photo didn't turn out well.

Mead Making. We tried to make it a New years tradition a couple years ago(2007), but last year we never got around to making the 2008 batch of mead. This year, we went to the new homebrew store back home and found White Labs mead yeast and decided that we would pick up the tradition again. Expecially since the mead from two years ago is really starting to taste good. This year, we decided to add Heather tips, since we really enjoyed a Heathered mead that a Quaff member made. Also, we suspect that the Honey we purchased may have been a mix of various honeys and probably contained a good deal of Clover honey, which the experts say, doesn't make flavorful mead.


The little baggies for the heather tips, we made a heather tea.

Putting the honey in the pot.

Heating the mead

Lynnea, stirring the mead

The mead, before we added the yeast and nutrient.


KirkK said...

Hi Lynnea - A belated Happy New Year to you! I'm glad you've made it back to San Diego safe and sound. It looks like you've been eating well.

Lynnea said...

Hi Kirk!

Yes, happy new year to you too. We made it back without too much difficulty. And didn't encounter any snow on the trip down. Thank goodness. And yes, we've been eating too well. Now it's time to scale back a little. =)

Ray n Clare said...


Do tell me more about this bakery! My parents anniversary is coming up and it might be neat to send them there for a special cup cake.
- Clare

Lynnea said...

it is the cutest place. I mean it's the old fudge and ice cream shop and you can tell when you're inside but the stuff in the cases is totally different!