Sunday, August 17, 2008

Little button

During a recent hot spell we purchased a darling little fan to keep us cool.

After our crappy box fan pooped out on us two summers ago(never mind the fact that we've faithfully kept it stored in our closet just in case we ever had the inclination to figure out how to fix the burned out motor) we resigned ourselves to sitting grumpily in our upstairs apt. sweating from about May through October.

The hardware store really had too many fan options to choose from and very little customer service to help us narrow down our choice, so we decided to go with the most adorable, and most expensive option, the Turbo-aire. We've dubbed him the button simply because he's cuter than a button and he's round like one too.

On top of being super cute, this fan works very well and hardly makes any noise, even at the highest setting. We're now rather fond of him.

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