Friday, May 31, 2013

cheerful pear

My latest crochet project was very quick to make and easy. It required very little stitch counting and almost no sewing of little parts together, so when I was done I was done, unlike so many of the projects that I've made which can take upwards of 30 min or so of hand sewing fins or limbs or little tails to bodies once I've crocheted all the pieces.

I made this little pear over the course of two craft night sessions, but I really think it could come together in less than an hour if I was focusing all my attention on working on the pear and less time on chatting with friends (but who wants to do that? =))

Of course, as with all my little crochet projects, the big question is, "what's it for?" I'm not entirely sure but I suppose the real point of making these little creatures is that they are cute and cheerful and fun to make.


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