Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a handful of blueberries makes all the difference

I'm am posting two different jams here today. The little jar in the photo contains my strawberry blueberry jam and the large jar contains my plain strawberry jam.

The two berry jam actually only contains a quarter part blueberry, the other three parts are strawberry, but that handful of blueberries makes the entire jam taste of crunch berries. It is completely delicious!

The plain strawberry is very good as well, but it has a much cleaner, more simple flavor. The color of the strawberry only jam is nicer though, and I love the brighter red color; it really has that classic "jam" look.

I have gone overboard stocking my cupboard with more jam than I need this year. A week ago or so, I made some figgy jam(much like last year's) and though I didn't do a water bath for it, I did turn the jars over for a quick seal to help it stay fresh for a little bit longer in the fridge. And, just a few hours ago I made some grape jelly out of my favorite Kyoho grapes from the Japanese Market. The grapes are a little bit expensive but have such an amazing flavor and sweetness. I added just half a cup of sugar to the entire 4 cup batch. I am worried about it's consistency though and may not post on the jelly if it didn't turn out.

All in all, a very jam filled autumn. I think I may need to start giving some jam away. Hopefully all of my friends don't mind jam made with either less sugar or even just honey. I simply love the extra fruitiness of jam that doesn't contain more sugar than fruit. It really tastes more flavorful.


Cathy Doe said...

I think jams-and jellies-and preserves should taste like the fruit and not like sugar. I've always been curious about kyoho grapes...

Lynnea said...

Hi Cathy,

yes, that is the sort of jam i grew up eating, very fruity and full of flavor. I will say, the kyoho grapes have very large seeds and so they are difficult to eat fresh. That's the reason I turned them into jelly, but it was a very delicious way to use them up.

Runner Girl said...

I'm so impressed with your jam skills! I have not made any for years, but now I have the desire!


Lynnea said...

Hey Julie! =) Honestly, until this summer I hadn't made properly sealed jam in jars for many years. It just took a quick look in my ball blue book to reacquaint myself with the steps! let me know if you make anything!!