Tuesday, September 25, 2012

fall colors, summer flavors

 This September has been abnormally hot for San Diego which isn't really a problem and I certainly won't complain about it here, but I will admit that it has set off the game of tug of war that is happening in my brain. A part of my brain keeps thinking about the start of fall and the beautiful colors that come with the start of that season, while the reality is that the weather is very warm and my taste buds want the fresh, summer flavors that are still perfectly appropriate(according to the temperature gauge).

Grated carrot and couscous salad with fresh radish sprouts from my hanging planter
Cream of tomato soup made with fresh tomatoes and basil
So, this month I've been making dishes that have summer flavors but in autumnal colors to remind me that it won't be long until my favorite season arrives....


Handsome Paul said...

Does the scenery in San Diego change much when fall arrives?

I pictured San Diego remaining the same all year round.

Fall in the Midwest is very beautiful especially when the leaves start changing colors. :)


Lynnea said...

Hi Paul,

You are correct, San Diego doesn't get a lot of variation in our fall colors but the leaves do change a little bit towards the middle/end of november. that's okay, we have great weather year round so it's hard to complain =)