Thursday, December 30, 2010

The cutest holiday season of all

Even during the worst Holiday of the year, cuteness rears it's tiny, sweet head. Despite the fact that I spend most of December stomping around scowling at every bit of cheer that comes my way, I did manage to find a bit of cuteness and fun during the holiday madness. As is fairly typical of me and my version of cuteness, all of these cute things happen to be deliciously edible.

My new silver serving spoon - serving up a sweet, juicy, little tangerine.

My extra easy, extra darling appetizers - wantons filled with nummy things. They look so petite and classy.

I bought the chocolate bar for the wrapper, thank goodness I know Theo Chocolate is a good company but honestly, I would have bought it even if it was from Hershey. I just can't resist a picture of a little blond German girl collecting cocoa nibs in Peru with llamas. So cute and fun!

Well, since I was getting one bar I had to get the other bar, besides it has kitties on it.

Well, Since I was getting two bars I had to get a third bar, despite the very strange picture on the third bar. Actually, I liked it once I realized that the picture was of personified Hazelnuts. Now every time I eat a Hazelnut, I'll think "oh no! the poor little things."

My favorite picture of the holiday season is this little Marzipan Snowman sitting atop a salted caramel tart, surrounded by hand-rolled peppermint truffles. I never ever eat Marzipan because it is disgusting but I adore all the cute little creatures that people make out of it. The tart and truffles are not particularly picturesque but they really were stunningly good, probably the best thing I ate the entire Christmas week.


Jessica said...

Picturing you stomping around is also ridiculously cute. I love the little sumatras, mandarins and tangerines that we can buy this time of year. I've probably eaten 20 pounds worth of citrus. I found a new one called a PINK orange. It's like a orange and a grapefruit made out and the orange is blushing. Super yummy (and cute).

Lynnea said...

pink orange?!! I require one :) as soon as I get home, you have to tell me where you get them!

Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

I'm beginning to like Christmas more every year. It is the one time I am guaranteed to see my cute (but grumpy) daughter. That may change if I move any further north, however. Oh dear, I feel Ebenezer S. threatening to return and banish my Christmas cheer.

Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

Must have instructions for making wonton appetizers.

Lynnea said...

well, you just tell ol' ebenezer that I'll keep on visiting you even if you live further into the wintery north.

Lynnea said...

and, I just followed these folk's wanton recipe: