Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Disappointed by cuteness

Why do I always think that Disappointed is spelled with two esses? Silly brain!

Perhaps, disappointed describes my feelings a bit strongly regarding my Recent acquisition of a pale pink Tofu bank, but here's the story:

I saw this little cutie at my favorite cute things store and on the generic tofu box style packaging, it said "tofu saver." I thought, "finally, someone else with my dilemma of how to save leftover tofu. Maybe it keeps even longer in this little box." I'll admit, I didn't look very hard at the item inside, it was too cute and I wanted it, no matter what it was. So, I bought it, brought it home, opened it up and was promptly shocked; it was a tofu shaped money bank. oh! that's what it meant by tofu saver. A tofu shaped block of plastic with a slit in the top designed for saving money. Makes sense. But I already have a piggy bank with kisses all over it and a little owl bank with glow in the dark eyes that scare me at night. I haven't filled those "savers" up yet.

Maybe I'll use this little pink creature to save up for some tofu, or perhaps I'll use it to save up for a trip to Japan. Who knows what I'll do with it, but despite it's total uselessness, I still like a happy bank named bean curd.


Lunette Gleason Fleming said...

Oh goodie, another dust collector, but you have to admit the creators had a good attitude. Anyone who can be happy about tofu is a person with a positive outlook on life.

Lynnea said...

=) well, yes, another dust collector, but at least I purchased it with the intention of it being useful =) And tofu is a happy, delicious food! My mother taught me that =)

KirkK said...

Hi Lynnea - You are too cute! ;o) Keep making that "bean curd happy"!!!

Lynnea said...

Thanks Kirk!
I have too much fun =)