Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas list

Well, the dreaded holiday approaches and I am tired of being reproached for not making a gift list =) It just seems so crass to me, as though that's all Christmas is about. But who am I to know about such things. I'm just a little shop girl who works very hard to convince people that they need expensive gifts for every single person they know or have ever known during their life time. So, under the influence of the master list maker, who's birthday and xmas lists are really more of art than a simple list, I tried to jazz mine up. I actually did brave Adobe Illustrator in order to make the cute little tree at the top of this post. It took a surprising amount of time, way longer than I expected, to make such a plain and simple little tree. In all honesty, you should save your money, since I'm far too spoiled, and you should not even consider buying me another thing. But, for those family members who insist and who prefer to shop from a list, I've made one for your convenience. I hope it helps! =)

On to the list:

One year subscription to Bust Magazine

Socks, Socks (Sea Breeze, Sundae, Waterfall), Socks (Mid-Grey 35-38), Socks, Socks, Socks, Socks Just some examples of cute socks!

Ear buds, two options


Salt Pig


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