Sunday, May 11, 2008

posting photos is difficult...

...especially when I make such a half hearted attempt. So, this is a practice post. All I'm gonna post are photos and my comments. Then I'll see how it all works and perhaps future posts with photos won't have giant gaps at the bottom or comments sitting a mile above the photo or other such ickiness(such as in my derby post).

Hello Kitty toast display in the window of my favorite Hardware store.

Super onigiri - he will save the world! Well maybe just save Matthew from hunger.

This is the Mitsuba that I planted when the herbs I bought at the store started to take root. They sat in my fridge for too long and started to get brown but I didn't want to throw it away so I planted it anyway and now it is all green and happy.

This is the tarragon that came back to life this spring. I thought it died last fall but watered it anyway and it is so green and pretty now.

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