Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busy month

My favorite but the most exhausting activity was having my mother and brother visit so that we could all attend my cousin Aaron's wedding. This was exhausting because I spent a good couple of days driving through LA County. For the old granny driver in me, this was a harrowing experience, but provided a nice chance to see my sweet and crazy little relatives.

I bought a really odd dress for the wedding, it is essentially a daffodil yellow toga. Too bad the weather was way to cold for me to ever take off my jacket. Anyway, that was fun to wear something out of the norm and slightly cheesy.

I'm training a new girl at work. She is very small, shorter than me, and cute. I'm not very good at teaching people the things that I understand very well. Maybe this is good practice.

Over all a fun month because it has been full of new and mostly fun experiences.

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