Monday, December 17, 2007

Santa San

So, not sure if it's the time of year(actually I'm sure it is) but the face on this picture of the gastrointestinal tract looks exactly like santa claus.

I've come to the conclusion as to why I don't like Christmas as much as other people. I hate Santa Claus. I have no cheery memories of believing in him or thinking that he would actually bring me presents(we didn't even celebrate xmas until I was 3). So, in my mind he exists simply as a rather creepy lie that adults, particularly parents(who are supposed to be the most trustworthy people), tell children. Presumably to control them, at least that's must be how it started out, during the tedious, cramped indoors months of fall and winter. These adults, in fact, go to great lengths to keep the children in the dark about the fact that he isn't real. And we wonder why people in our society grow up without an honest bone in their little bodies. I can't believe all the deception and tricks that people pull on sales clerks around this time of year. It's rather appalling, even at our tiny shop for rich people we've had quite the round of dishonest maneuvers from customers.

So, Matthew picked up the Sufjan Stevens Christmas boxed set which is fantastic. X-mas songs are the only part about christmas that I really like(that and chubby stockings hanging about the house) so I was very excited about this set. It is fantastic, and did not disappoint in any way. The funny part is that one of the songs is titled "Get Behind me, Santa," which I took to be a play on the Biblical phrase, "Get thee behind me Satan." Now that I look a the title and words I don't really know if that's true. But my new catch phrase for this year is "Get thee behind me Santa!"

In my flurry of making gifts for people and working extra so that I can buy gifts for the people who I can't make them for, I have had little time to blog. Perhaps that'll pick up after the dreaded holiday, which actually proves to be potentially pleasant. It always does and it usually disappoints. But, you never know what could happen =)

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