Friday, September 28, 2007

unexpected nerves

Yesterday I had this sudden case of nerves while I was working. One of my employers asked me to perform a task which I've done dozens of times over the course of working in the shop. Basically, four identical gift baskets had to be made up, and in an unprecedented show of faith in my abilities she asked me to make them. Now, when she isn't in the store I make these things all the time. It's usually fun, but this time I got nervous. I guess it was just with the weight of expectation (all presumed of course, based on former gift basket making sessions with her). I mean this task is easy but I suddenly developed shaking little arms and hands and I was obsessing over every little detail that I normally just take care of without thinking or blow off.

I was amazed at my response to such a situation. I know I get nervous easily, but this was just silly. By the third basket I was mostly back to normal.

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5c11 said...

Hi little shop girl! I hadn't said hello on your new blog yet. You never told me about your attack of nerves! I guess we are both nervous things lately. I wonder why...